Do You Really Want to Breathe THIS?

San Francisco Auto Repair CenterA change for the good of your body can begin with a clean “Cabin Air Filter”. At certain intervals we recommend “Changing Cabin Air Filters” for your car.

Often when we make this recommendation, our customers ask “What does a Cabin Air Filter Do”? The cabin air filter is a very important part of the air circulation system in your car. It not only ensures that dust and dirt are kept from entering the cabin, it also filters out pollen, allergens and other irritants and contaminants.

This means a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family, and a cleaner interior for your car, as well.

Hand in hand with the question about the “Purpose of Cabin Air Filters” is the question “How Often Should a Cabin Air Filter be Changed?” Each car is different, and manufacturers suggest the “Cabin Air Filter” be changed at least once a year.

We also recommend that “Cabin Air Filters” be changed more frequently on cars that are driven on dusty roads, or in dirty conditions, as well as those with frequent furry passengers.

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